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Professional Casualty Corporation aims to provide physicians with comprehensive, professional liability coverage they need, while offering the most competitive rates in a constantly evolving world of medical malpractice.

As one of Florida's most prominent professional liability brokers, PCC is also one of the largest producers for several carriers.  PCC is able to negotiate underwriting concessions and rate reductions while still providing expert claims support.

In an effort to make sure physicians receive proper protection, we continually evaluate companies based on their current policies, premiums and claims history.  All medical specialties are eligible for coverage with PCC regardless of a physicians' claims history.  In order to eliminate the need for "tail" coverage when changing carriers, physicians may be able to obtain policies that include "prior acts" coverage, allowing for significant premium savings.

By sharing the same offices as the Lawrence D. Share Company, Professional Casualty Corporation has complete access to a fully computerized operation, resulting in prompt responses to all client inquires. Professional Casualty Corporation, one of Florida’s largest brokers of medical malpractice coverage, is ready and able to meet your needs.